Toni says without a fight, Rafa would have won a lot less

Manacor (Spain) – One of the main characteristics of the Spaniard Rafael Nadal is his fighting spirit, sometimes even pushing the limits a little. Uncle and former coach of the Mallorca left-hander, Toni Nadal has precisely highlighted this as one of his nephew’s main qualities and that without it the achievements would probably not be as many as they have been.

When asked if Nadal should have retired against Taylor Fritz at Wimbledon last year, Toni replied: “You never know what would have happened. Also, if you did that in some of the other matches where you had a bit of discomfort, you might have one less Roland Garros or one less Wimbledon,” the coach said in an interview with Talk Tennis.

“Rafa is used to fighting. He knows that in tennis, as in life, things almost never go perfectly. You have to be ready to work hard,” added the coach, who currently manages his nephew’s academy and works with Canadian Félix Auger-Aliassime on the circuit.

Away from the courts since the Australian Open, injured with iliopsoas during the match against Mackenzie McDonald, the Spaniard would again compete next week in the Masters 1000 in Monte-Carlo, but has postponed his return to the circuit. “Rafa was feeling good, but it’s not easy to know because you know that when you compete,” Toni commented.

Even with the physical setbacks, he believes his nephew still has great chances on clay. “At Roland Garros and the clay season in general, it’s different because, even if he’s not in great shape, we know that Rafa can attack because he will control the power and the speed of the match” , said the coach.

“It’s only when he plays in the indoor season that it’s more difficult for him. When he plays at Roland Garros, Rafa has 2 or 3 games to adapt and in Turin he has none”, added Toni Nadal, explaining the difference between the floors to his nephew and why he still hasn’t won an ATP Finals. .

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