Top 5: The richest men in Brazil

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“Known for success and prosperity, they are more seasoned, experienced and all share the same virtue: generosity. That’s the view of Caio Bittencourt, relationship specialist at the MeuPatrocínio site on the richest men in Brazil.

These people are part of the Brazilian business community, being successful business leaders who have contributed to the growth of the Brazilian economy in recent years. We already know they go to expensive restaurants and resorts, but we searched the virtual world for ways to get closer to Brazil’s most successful men and found it’s easier than it doesn’t seem like it.

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“Powerful men like them don’t have time to waste in bars meeting new people, because upper-class men not only seek mates in the places they frequent, but also in the comfort of their chairs on luxurious dating sites like, and the” said Caio Bittencourt.

Top 5: The richest men in Brazil

In the Top 5 Brazilian millionaires, we find:

  1. Jorge Paulo Lemann – $15.8 billion

Jorge Paulo Lemann is the richest man in Brazil, even after some recent losses in the Americanas case. He owns Ambev, the largest brewery in Latin America, in addition to being a shareholder in Kraft Heinz Company and Burger King.

2. Marcel Herrmann Telles – $10.6 billion

Marcel Herrmann Telles is co-founder of Ambev with Lemann. He also has stakes in 3G Capital, which controls Anheuser-Busch InBev.

3. Eduardo Saverin – $10.2 billion

Eduardo Saverin is known to be one of the co-founders of Facebook, along with Mark Zuckerberg. Saverin was born in São Paulo but grew up in the United States. He majored in economics at Harvard, where he met Zuckerberg.

4. Carlos Alberto Sicupiera – $8.6 billion

Carlos Alberto Sicupiera was the founder of Banco BBA Creditanstalt S/A and is currently Chairman of the Board of Lojas Americanas S/A.

5. Alexander Behring – $5.2 billion

Alexandre is president of Kraft Heinz and co-president of Restaurant Brands International, parent company of Burger King and the Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons. Besides having 3G capital as one of its main investments.

It is important to remember that we should not impress anyone or be someone we are not. Always be yourself and try to build an honest and meaningful relationship. Connecting with wealthy people can seem daunting at first, but it’s important to remember that regardless of our income, we’re all human beings and want to make meaningful connections with others.

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After a turbulent time in her life, which involved traumatic betrayal, current head coach Elisa Ponte decided to study positive psychology and emotional intelligence. And in the month of happiness, she gives the recipe for a happier and more fulfilled life. In the past, the mentor had shaken her emotionally. Low self-esteem, victimhood, guilt and fear were the feelings she experienced. But, with her strength and self-knowledge, Elisa overcame the pain. I really went through a very difficult time and understood the importance of emotional intelligence and finding the keys, as I like to call them, that help to “create”. happiness. Happiness is not conditioned on anyone or anything external. It is linked to the management of emotions, ”he teaches. “Self-love and self-knowledge are part of this recipe.”

For her, knowing herself means discovering her mission in life. It is usually related to helping other people with their skills and talents. It is this feeling of contributing and adding to the lives of others that makes a person happier and more fulfilled. Another secret is to understand that happiness is in moments and must be faced naturally, without pressure.

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