Tourist destination in August, the Festa do Peão de Barretos brings together sport, music, culture, gastronomy and entertainment in 11 days of attractions

For 11 days, the town of Barretos becomes the entertainment and rodeo center of the country. Home to the largest and oldest Festa do Peão in Latin America, the municipality – which has a population of 123,000 – undergoes a real transformation in August with the arrival of tourists in search of the attractions of the traditional event.

This year, as the Festival reaches its 65th edition, more than 900,000 visitors are expected at Parque do Peão from August 18 to 28. And the attractions to attract this audience are not lacking. According to the organizers, there will be more than 100 shows on the artistic program, in addition to cultural presentations spread throughout the space. The grid of sports competitions includes the finals of the national championships and the 28th edition of the Barretos International Rodeo.

“Parque do Peão is becoming a gigantic entertainment center with attractions for all styles and ages. There are so many shows aimed at the general public, with big names in music that even go beyond the sertanejo, as well as root music, dances and presentations that promote regional culture. Rodeo is a separate chapter, the Festa do Peão de Barretos is the dream of any competitor and the Barretos International Rodeo is a world reference,” says Jeronimo Luiz Muzetti, president of Os Independentes, the organizing association.

The organizer also points out that the Festival has an exclusive area for children, Rancho do Peãozinho, with socio-educational activities for children. The space receives more than 50,000 visits during the event.

Investments, jobs and a booming economy

For this year’s edition, the Parque do Peão receives more than 10 million reais in infrastructure investments. “We have a fixed structure of more than 2 million square meters and we regularly invest in improvements to better accommodate our visitors”, explains Muzetti. Investments this year are spread across the entire camping area – which, among the new features, will include a stage hosting exclusive shows for those staying on site, the renovation and construction of cabanas, more toilets and a new area of restoration.

Both in the preparation phase of the event and for its full operation, the organizers estimate that more than 10,000 direct and indirect jobs are generated. Another impressive figure is the economic movement that the Festival promotes: according to a survey by the Tourism Department of the State of São Paulo, taking into account the 2019 edition, more than 900 million reais are injected into the economy of the region, taking into account the tourist movement. during the event.

What’s new in the rodeo schedule?

In the competition calendar, there are rodeos and timed events daily at the Festival. The contests take place at Rodeo Stadium and the Equestrian and include: PBR Brazil Final (18-21), Super Copa Barretos de Três Tambores (19-24), National League of Rodeo Final (22-24 and 27 ) and Barretos International Rodeo (from 25 to 28).

A big star of the event, Barretos International Rodeo has this year a partnership with the Canadian event Calgary Stampede, one of the largest and oldest events in the world. The champion and runner-up of the competition in Canada in 2022 will compete in the Barretos International Rodeo. This year’s Barretos champion in bull riding, competes in the 2023 Calgary Stampede. The full rodeo schedule is available on the website.

The musical program will include more than 100 shows spread across the stages of the complex, including names such as Jorge & Mateus, Gusttavo Lima, Cesar Menotti & Fabiano, Wesley Safadão, Maiara & Maraisa, Zé Neto & Cristiano, Bruno & Marrone, Alok , Pedro Sampaio, Guilherme & Benuto, Clayton & Romário, João Bosco & Vinicius, Rionegro & Solimões, Guilherme & Santiago, Maria Cecília & Rodolfo, Tierry, Dilsinho, Hugo & Guilherme, Ícaro & Gilmar, among others. A benefit presentation by evangelist Deive Leonardo is also confirmed. The complete grid is visible on the site.

The Festival also offers the traditional contest Queima do Alho – typical cuisine, Concurso do Berrante, presentations of Catira, Palco Culturando, Palco das Raízes Sertanejas – exclusive for cultural presentations, Trade fair, Rancho do Peãozinho – with children’s attractions, monuments scattered throughout the park. , Peão Museum, camping area, cabin structure and ranch area for private parties.

Tickets for the 65th Festa do Peão de Barretos can be purchased on the website

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