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Premature and lightest babies in the world were born at just over 21 weeks gestation and received almost no medical care

This week, Canadian twins Adiah Laelynn and Adrial Luka Nadarajah celebrated their first birthday. They are the record holders for the world’s most premature surviving siblings.

Their gestation lasted only 21 weeks and one hour, exactly the minimum necessary to be considered a delivery and not a miscarriage.

Shakina Rajendram, the children’s mother, was told by doctors that the chances of them surviving were exactly zero. “They said it was not possible to save my babies,” says the book of records in an interview with Guinness.

traumatic birth

If they had been born an hour earlier, that is to say without entering the 22nd week of pregnancy, the doctors would not even have the obligation to take the babies to the incubator. Therefore, Shakina tried as best she could to delay labor. “I did my best to keep my children inside me,” she said.


Shakina Rajendram has been repeatedly told that her children will not survive
The siblings only shared the same crib after four months in the incubator

The brothers received the record plaque for the lightest twins at birth and the most premature children in the world
While celebrating the twins’ 7th month, the plaque reminded them that they should only complete 3 months

Adrial holds his mother’s hand in the incubator

“When I walked into the hospital, the doctors practically said they would let my children die,” she recalls. Around the world, many hospitals don’t even have a protocol for trying to save babies under 26 weeks of pregnancy.

“They said they would leave my children on my lap so I could say goodbye to them,” Shakina recalled. “I have no words to describe the emotional, mental and physical trauma that has been my labor and delivery.”


Guinness World Records records of two brothers. As well as being the most premature babies in the world, they were the lightest twins at birth, weighing a total of 750 grams.

Getting to the anniversary wasn’t easy for the duo. They suffered brain hemorrhages, the skin gave way and both had multiple injuries until they reached the first year of life. “I heard several times that my children were going to die in the first few months, but here they are,” Shakina concludes.

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