Udesc Cefid organizes a free event with the creator of the Gasquet method on April 20

Free event with Canadian doctor will have solidarity action – Art: Disclosure

On April 20, at 7:30 p.m., the Center for Health and Sports Sciences (Cefid), of the State University of Santa Catarina (Udesc), will hold a conference on Gasquet method. The event will take place at the Auditorium of Udesc Cefid, in Bairro Coqueiros, in Florianópolis. Access the form to register.

Free and open to the public, the meeting is particularly aimed at physiotherapy professionals and academics, obstetricians and residents in obstetrics, nurses in obstetrics and residents in the field of health.

The initiative is the result of a partnership articulated by the Pelvic Floor and Sexual Dysfunction Rehabilitation Group (Grapedis), linked to the Rehabilitate and Integrate program.

The meeting aims to present, integrate and disseminate the Gasquet Method, created more than 40 years ago and internationally recognized in obstetrics and pelvic health. The event will feature the creator of the method, Canadian doctor and professor Bernadette De Gasquet.

multiple applications

In the approach, the method applies not only to maternity, but also to the work of the abdominal muscles, postural protection, the pelvic floor, relaxation, respiratory and intestinal transit problems at all stages of the life.

The work combines a bodily approach with traditional knowledge and modern medicine. “His method is so complete that it was chosen as one of the bases for the physical preparation of athletes for the Olympics,” said Grapedis coordinator Soraia Tonon da Luz.

Charity action

The event will have the advantage of collecting sanitary napkins and personal hygiene items that will be donated to women in public maternity wards in Greater Florianópolis.

More information can be obtained from the Grapedis Instagram.

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