US closes and reopens airspace over Lake Michigan for “national defense” reasons; Canada does the same | World

See the cases of unidentified flying objects that appeared in several countries

In less than 24 hours, the airspace over Lake Michigan in the northern United States was closed for “national defense” reasons and quickly reopened. The second time this happened was this Sunday (12), the US Civil Aviation Authority (FAA) announced.

Lake Michigan is one of the Great Lakes in the north of the country, near the Canadian border.

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A US Air Force aircraft flying in the air traffic region was shut down at 5:55 p.m. this Sunday (12) Brasilia time — Photo: FlightRadar24/Reproduction

Canada said it closed an area of ​​its airspace near the town of Tobermory in the state of Ontario – that’s an age close to the US border.

The partial shutdown comes after three flying objects, including one described by Washington as a Chinese spy balloon, were shot down in a week in the United States and Canada, a day after a similar ban in Montana on investigating a ” radar anomaly,” according to the military.

Photo of Lake Michigan and the city of Milwaukee in January 2020 – Photo: Eric Baradat/ AFP

The United States shot down three flying objects

On Saturday, an American F-22 fighter shot down an unidentified cylindrical object in the sky over Canada. It was the second in two days, and North America is on high alert after the week-long Chinese spy balloon saga captured worldwide attention.

Additionally, the U.S. military deployed fighter jets to Montana to investigate a radar anomaly that caused a brief closure of federal airspace.

“These aircraft did not identify any objects that correlated with what radar showed,” the North American Airspace Defense Command (NORAD) said in a statement.

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US government shoots down unidentified object over Alaska

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the fall of the object in the northern Yukon Territory on Saturday, saying Canadian forces would recover and analyze the wreckage.

Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand declined to speculate on the origin of the object, which she said was cylindrical in shape.

She didn’t really call it a balloon, but said it was smaller than the Chinese balloon shot down off South Carolina a week ago, although similar in appearance..

US President Joe Biden authorized the US military to work with Canada to shoot down the high-altitude craft following a call between Biden and Trudeau, the Pentagon said.

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