Valley athlete competes in Canada

The Brazilian delegation arrived in Canada this week to participate in the 10th edition of the Eisstocksport America Cup. The competition takes place in the city of Kingston, in the Canadian province of Ontario. The challenges will take place from Saturday 22nd and will continue until July 27th. Among the Brazilian athletes is Lajeadense Claci Lied.

The Brazilian participation will have a female and mixed team. Among the women are athletes Rejane Böhm, Márcia Reis, Patrícia Lauschner, Ingrid Emmel and Claci Lied. The male representatives are Milton Bressler and Luís Eduardo Kaufmann, who will compete in mixed teams. Athletes also participate in individual competitions.

The president of the Gaúcha Sports Federation of Eisstocksport – FGDE, Sérgio Böhm, does not accompany the delegation in this edition of the sporting event, but is in the crowd for the good performance of the competitors in the disputes. He regrets the difficulties imposed by Canada for the issuance of visas, which made it impossible for a greater number of athletes to participate in the competition. “We stayed for more than six months in bureaucratic negotiations and removals and even paying all the fees we had no return for new visas.

Those who leave already had a visa or have an American visa, ”he says.

This is the second time that Brazil has traveled to Canada for the America’s Cup. The first was in 2015, during the 6th edition of the event. In this edition, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia and Guatemala also participate. “Before the Copa América, there is a Canadian tournament with the participation of teams from Austria and India, so it will be another positive and enriching international experience for the Brazilian athletes”, concludes the manager.

The Eisstocksport

The sport is similar to curling, the famous ice sport. The modality is known as “Bavarian curling” for its strong resemblance to the sensation modality of the Winter Olympics.
The modality originated in Germany and is very popular in the region, also being widely practiced in Austria, Switzerland and parts of Italy. The sport arrived in Brazil in 2003 and celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

Its main power is the city of Santa Cruz do Sul, with the Cultural Center 25 de Julho. In Lajeado, the sport is practiced at the German Cultural Center, located in the Historical Park.

The sport of German origin has in Santa Cruz do Sul the main power of the country. In Lajeado, it is practiced at the German Cultural Center, located in the historical park

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