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Check-in area at São Paulo – Cumbica International Airport (GRU), in Guarulhos — Photo: Celso Tavares/G1/Arquivo

This Monday (17), the decree signed by President Jair Bolsonaro which exempts tourists from four countries (United States, Canada, Australia and Japan) from presenting a visa to enter Brazil entered into force.

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The decree, which was published in March in the Official Journal of the Union, is “unilateral”, that is, it does not apply to Brazilians traveling to one of these countries.

government argument

According to the Ministry of Tourism, the decision does not affect the “principle of reciprocity”, since, according to the ministry, the visa waiver was adopted in order to encourage the creation of jobs and income in Brazil.

“The unilateral visa exemption is a wink that we give to strategic countries in the sense of strengthening our relations. Nothing prevents these nations from exempting Brazilians from this bureaucracy in a second time”, informed the ministry.

The dossier also informed that the citizens of the four beneficiary countries of the measure are already using the electronic visa, which speeds up the entry permit to Brazil.

“With this initiative [do visto eletrônico]there has been an increase of approximately 35% in visa applications from these countries to Brazil, compared to 2017, which if effectively converted into travel could result in an impact of US$1 billion “, explains the government.

Exemption Discussions

Indeed, in January 2017, President Donald Trump issued an executive order with the aim of making it difficult to grant visas to citizens of several countries, including Brazil.

US Passport — Photo: Swim Parallel/Creative Commons

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