What time and place does ‘Red: Growing up is a Beast’ take place?

Understand how ‘Red: Growing up is a Beast’ details deliver where Mei Lee lives and what year it all takes place

Premiere in 2022, “Red: Crescer é uma Fera”, a production directed by the filmmaker Dome Shiis part of the list of animations that have emerged thanks to the partnership between Disney and Pixar, and is responsible for presenting the story of Mei Lee, a 13-year-old girl who must face the challenges of adolescence while learning to control her new skill: she can turn into a giant red panda whenever she gets nervous or anxious.

In addition to the main plot, which talks about tradition, the relationship between parents and children and friendship, the animation stands out for another great achievement, as it brings several references to the real place where the whole plot is located. , as well as its own elements of the time when all the events of the life of the young woman Mei Lee came to life on screen, being very faithful in their portrayal of reality in a cartoon.

Where and at what time is ‘Red: Growing up is a Beast’ taking place?

Indeed, the film takes place in Toronto, capital of the province of Ontario, Canada, in the early 2000s, a time that arises to justify the presence of VHS tapes, old computers, public telephones on the walls schools, CD players and video games. .laptops, among other details that were part of life for those living at the turn of the 21st century.

It should be noted that the choice of location was made by Domee Shi, since it’s his hometown, so all the elements that appear in the plot have been coolly analyzed, such as street signs, local expressions, and also, the inclusion of the CN tower, the tourist tower of Canada and the third tallest tower in the world.

Still on the elements present in the local culture of the film, in the school attended by Mei, Lester P. Pearson, it is possible to notice the presence of red and white maple leaves. This leaf appears on the country’s flag and has great meaning for the people of Canada. Also, still in school, the musical notes that in the scene where Mei appears in the music room, are from the national anthem “Oh Canada”.

Curiosity: As revealed by disneythe scene which shows a moose doll on the dashboard of Ming’s car, in addition to being a nod to one of Canada’s emblematic animals, is also a form of homage to the father of Domee Shi, since he has a toy like your car.

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