When Alanis returns to Brazil, remember the scene in which she tries to “practice English” with Paulo Vilhena | Television and series

Paulo Vilhena (Paulo César), Alanis Morrissette, Julia Lemertz (Noêmia) and Malu Mader (Maria Clara) in the soap opera ‘Celebridade’, from 2003 — Photo: TV Globo/Renato Rocha Miranda

She plays alongside Paulo Vilhena, Malu Mader and Julia Lemmertz. Businesswoman and former model Maria Clara, played by Mader, produced events with international celebrities: in addition to Alanis, Julio Iglesias and Simply Red also recorded appearances.

Alanis, of course, plays herself in a very awkward scene. Noêmia (Lemmertz) takes her son Paulo César (Vilhena) to speak to Alanis. The idea is that he can practice English with the singer. The problem was that he had skipped language lessons: he just wanted to surf at the beach.

The boy therefore does not have the courage to speak to Alanis. She asks “So, how long have you been studying English?” (So ​​how long have you been studying English?) and he starts stuttering. “It’s not going to happen, I won’t be able to develop this conversation,” he said. “But, my son, after studying English for so many years, I thought you would like to practice,” the mother replies. “But not with Alanis Morissette, mom! Well, I’m stuck,” he explains.

In an interview with g1, in 2020, Alanis commented on the experience and laughed when remembering her participation. “It was great. Anything that was a little unusual, embarrassing, I always volunteered to be a part of. It was fantastic.”

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