Why the H5N1 virus worries scientists and could become a pandemic

Why the H5N1 virus worries scientists and could become a pandemic

In recent weeks, the H5N1 flu, the virus responsible for avian flu, has once again hit the headlines around the world.

From coastal towns in Dagestan, Russia, to the coast of Peru, to mink farms in Spain and poultry farms in the United States, there have been multiple recorded episodes of millions of animals dying ( or were sacrificed) after having been in contact with this infectious agent. .

Health agencies and researchers around the world have raised awareness about this type of flu and its potential to cause the next pandemic.

“With the ability to pass from person to person, H5N1 may be one of the most serious problems humanity has ever faced,” says virologist Edison Luiz Durigon, a professor at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences from the University of São Paulo (ICB -USP).

In this video, our reporter André Biernath tells the story of this virus, how it has spread lately and why the explosion of cases in mammals puts humans at risk.

And, of course, what can we do to prevent a pandemic. Look and check.

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