Why will Instagram and Facebook stop posting news in Canada?

Meta announced that Facebook and Instagram will have their journalistic content blocked in Canada; understand why this will happen

June 26
– 20:01

(updated on 06/27/2023 at 01:34)

After the approval of the Online News Act by the Canadian Senate last Thursday (22), the Aim announced that it will no longer provide access to links and journalistic content in the feeds of Facebook It is instagram for Cananá users. The law in question requires online platforms to pay news sites for publishing their content, and Big Tech disagreed with the new terms.

hit the hammer

In a statement, Meta said that “to comply with Bill C-18, media content, including news publishers and broadcasters, will no longer be available to people accessing our platforms in Canada.” Additionally, Big Tech’s head of public policy in the US Country, Rachel Curran, recently pointed out that the news has no economic value to the company and that financial compensation would be out of scope.

Since June 1, the company has been conducting tests to remove news links from Facebook and Instagram in Canada. Despite the blocking measure involving links to news sites, the company said it was ready to fight misinformation through its fact-checking network.

After approval by the Senate, the so-called Online News Law will come into force in the country after going through a few more bureaucratic steps. Meta has announced plans to remove news links from its services even before the standards are approved by members of the legislature.

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Is it in Brazil?

Here the appeal is being processed in Congress PL fake news (PL 2630/2020). The objective of the proposal is to remunerate companies for journalistic content circulating on their platforms. If approved, negotiations determined by it could be conducted collectively or individually between communication vehicles and technology companies.

However, specific details on this process should be defined in a future regulation. The vote on the PL in the Chamber of Deputies, originally scheduled for May, was postponed at the request of the rapporteur, federal deputy Orlando Silva (PC do B-SP) due to the lack of votes in favor of approval. Despite this “flexibility”, it is not possible to be sure of the attitude that Meta would adopt in Brazil if the PL were approved and sanctioned.

In 2021, Facebook members in Australia were also banned from consume news content on Facebook due to similar legislation. Another great company which, for having followed the same path, is the GoogleSince conducted tests to block access to news in Canada.

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