Will Pix allow installment purchases?

Pix, the Central Bank of Brazil’s instant payment system, is increasingly popular with Brazilian consumers. With the ease of transferring money quickly and securely, many have already embraced the new payment method. However, one of the limitations of the system is the impossibility of splitting purchases.

Recently, the former mayor of São Paulo, Fernando Haddad, had a conversation with the Central Bank about the possibility of installment purchases through Pix.

According to Haddad, the idea would be to allow consumers to pay for their purchases up to 12 times over, with interest rates lower than credit card rates.

Will Pix allow installment purchases?

This measure can be of great benefit to consumers who need to make higher value purchases, but do not have the cash available at the moment. With installments through Pix, it would be possible to make the purchase without the need for a credit card, thus avoiding the high interest rates and fees that are usually charged.


In addition, setting up installments through Pix can also be a great opportunity for merchants, who could increase their sales by offering another payment option to their customers.

It should be mentioned that the idea is still under discussion and there are no plans for the implementation of installments via Pix. However, it is a measure that can bring great benefits to both consumers and traders.

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Pix is ​​already a huge hit in Brazil, and with the ability to pay in instalments, it’s set to become even more popular. The Central Bank is always looking for ways to improve the country’s payment system and this could be another great move to make life easier for Brazilians.

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