Woman Discovers Brain Tumor After Failing Yoga Pose


Canadian Daphnee Paquin-Katma, 38, credited her yoga sessions with saving her life. The woman, who teaches the practice, began to find it strange that she lost her balance in a position that was comfortable and familiar to her: standing on one leg.

With the alert on, Daphne also noticed worsening hearing and difficulty walking. After investigating the symptoms, the medical team treating her discovered a 3.8 cm tumor in the patient’s brain. Fortunately for her, the tumor was not malignant.

Daphne’s diagnosis was acoustic neuroma, a tumor that develops in the vestibulocochlear nerve, located in the brain. Although not cancerous, this type of tumor can be fatal if left untreated. The function of this nerve is related to hearing and balance abilities.

In extreme cases, a tumor like Teacher’s can cause fluid to build up in the brain or compress the cerebellum and brainstem. Daphne underwent a 12-hour surgery to remove the lump.

The Canadian says that shortly after the operation she temporarily lost her ability to walk and hear. But today, three years after the procedure, he is returning to teaching practice.

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