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The world’s most premature twins — Photo: Reproduction/Guinness World Records

A year after learning that their babies would have 0% chance of survival, Shakina Rajendram celebrated the lives of her children. Twins Adiah Laelynn and Adrial Luka Nadarajah celebrated their first birthday on March 4, 2023.

With the anniversary came the Guinness World Records nomination. Adiah and Adrial are world’s most premature twins.

Canadian babies are born 126 days ahead of schedule, beating the previous record of 125 in advance, which belonged to twins from Iowa (USA). The record for the youngest newborn is held by Curtis Means, who was born at just 21 weeks and a day.

Adia was born 23 minutes ahead of his brother, with 330 grams. Adrial arrived heavy 420 grams. According to Guinness, they are lightest twins everwith a total of 750 grams.

The twins were born with a 22 weeks gestational age. If they had been born an hour earlier, no attempt would have been made to save their lives.

When I gave birth, the babies were denied all life-saving measures at the hospital I was admitted to and nearly died.

— Shakina Rajendram, mother of twins

After 161 days in intensive care, Adiah was released. Adrial left a week later, but returned to the hospital twice. Currently, the two are at home.

Shakina said Adiah was an extremely happy, outgoing and talkative baby. Adrial is observant, thoughtful and intelligent.

The babies continue to be seen by medical specialists, such as cardiologists, ophthalmologists and hematologists, but they are doing well and exceeding expectations.

Adiah and Adrial with their parents Shakina and Kevin — Photo: Playback/Guinness World Records

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