Yuri Guimarães is a triple medalist at the Artistic Gymnastics Pan

Brazil won three medals and advanced to the team final on the first day of the Pan American Artistic Gymnastics Championships, held in Medellín, Colombia. Yuri Guimarães won medals in three competitions and was the highlight of the day. The Brazilian won gold on vault, with a score of 14,300. In addition, he also had silver on floor, with 14,433, and bronze came because of the individual general, with a total of 81,566. More than that, the athlete led the Brazilian team that scored its place at the Pan American Games in Santiago-2023.

In addition to Yuri’s great performance, the Brazilian men’s team consisting of Yuri, Bernardo Actos, Lucas Bitencourt and Patrick Correa put in a great performance, securing second place. Therefore, they secured their participation in the dispute of the final, which will take place on Sunday 28. Colombia, with the support of the crowd, finished in third place, guaranteeing, alongside Canada, the teams place in the world of artistic gymnastics. Championship, which will take place in Antwerp in September.
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Yuri stands out in Brazil

Yuri Guimarães’ jump gold came from the average between his two jumps, partial 14,367 and 14,233, totaling 14,300. With this score, the athlete was only 0.016 points ahead of the second, the Chilean Ignacio Varas, who saved for 14,284. Rounding out the podium, Leandro Peña of the Dominican Republic had a score of 13,933 and also earned his medal.

It should be recalled that the individual and apparatus all-around at this year’s Pan American Gymnastics Championships was held without a qualifying stage, using the team elimination round itself as the final stage for winning medals.

In the ground test, the Brazilian scored 14,433, behind only North American Yul Moldauer, gold with 14,500. Fellow American Shane Wiskus completed the podium, with 14,200. Yuri also won 12,933 on the pommel horse – the only Brazilian not to fall off the apparatus -, 13,600 on the parallel bars and 13,200 on the horizontal bar, totaling 81,566 in the general individual, winning the bronze medal with leftovers.

North America wins three titles

Although Yuri was the main name, the other Brazilians finished well, despite some errors and being far from any chance of a podium on the apparatus. Bernardo Miranda was the ninth best, with 77,099, Lucas Bittencourt, the Bisteca, was 12th with 76,633 and Patrick Sampaio was only 15th, with 75,657. Bernardo, with 13,233 on the bar, was the only one to obtain a better score than Yuri on any of the six devices.

An almost namesake of Yuri was the highlight of the day. Yul Moldauer not only won the individual all-around title, with 84,200, but also gold on floor and parallel bars (14,567), in addition to silver on high bar (13,833) and bronze pommel horse (13,367). Fellow American Shane Wilkus took silver in the all-around, scoring 82,800, in addition to taking silver in parallels and bronze on floor.

Yuri Guimarães, Yul Moldauer and Shane Miskus on the individual general podium (Disclosure/USA Gymnastics)

Other Americans have won titles on horseback (Khoi Young) and high bar (Curran Phillips). Despite the three best jumps of the day, no American made a second jump. The only test in which Moldauer took part and therefore did not reach the podium was in the rings, in which he was in fourth place.

Better for the Argentinian Daniel Villafañe, who won gold, with 14,133, ahead of the Canadian William Emard and the Cuban with Alejandro de la Cruz, with 13,833. Interestingly, this is the only podium achieved by the three countries on Friday evening.

team conflict

In the team dispute, the system has continued the more traditional one: the ranking offers free places for the final dispute with a selection of the best athletes. In this circumstance, the Brazilian team managed to achieve good rhythms, such as 41,866 on floor, 42,334 on vault, 40,300 on parallel bars and 39,466 on horizontal bar. The negative point was, again with the horse, in which three athletes suffered several falls. With these assists, the Brazilian team totaled 34,233 on the apparatus. The rings were already giving Brazil Olympic gold, but they were another embezzlement, with 38,600 in total.

A total of 236,799 points propelled the Brazilian team directly into second place, behind only the United States, with 250,032. Now, on Sunday, they will go in search of the gold medal in the final. As both teams were already classified for the World Cup, the two teams successively occupied the vacant positions: Colombia and Canada. The other joy for the local team came with the bronze of Dilan Jimenez on the parallels.


Definition of vacancies in Santiago and Antwerp

Thanks to the team’s performance, Brazil secured another spot for the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago, between October 20 and November 5. This will allow you to take a full team of five gymnasts to the multi-sport event. The Brazilian women’s team will fight for the same feat this Saturday (27) and you can follow it live here at the Olympics every day.

The top 8 of the competition joined Chile, already ranked host country: in addition to Brazil and the USA, they were assured at Santiago 2023: Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba and Puerto Rico. The eight teams will also play the final on Sunday. In addition, other countries have also secured individual athletes in the continent’s biggest championship.

Although they had to fight for a place at the Pan, Brazil had already qualified for the World Cup, in Antwerp, between September 30 and October 8. Like the United States, the 2022 World Cup finalists had a guaranteed presence. Colombia’s athletes had yet to do well at home to land one of two vacancies in the running for the World Cup, alongside Canada. The competition in Belgium, meanwhile, will distribute most of the places for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

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