Dua Lipa has already been identified as Neymar’s liaison and compared to Bruna Marquezine

Closing attraction of Rock at Rio 2022, singer Dua Lipa drove the fans crazy last Sunday (11), at Cidade do Rock, in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. The Briton is a hit with Brazilians and was the inspiration for actress Bruna Marquezine and also sparked the interest of Neymar.

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Dua Lipa toured Brazil and was the closing attraction of Rock in Rio 2022 – Reproduction

In 2018, Bruna Marquezine was compared to Dua Lipa due to the similarity in photos. Initially, the actress liked the comparison, but then got tired and went wild on social media. At the same time, the British singer was singled out as a new affair with Neymar, who had broken up with the actress the same year.

Dua Lipa wasn’t Neymar’s only affair at Rock in Rio

Singer Dua Lipa wasn’t the only possible Neymar deal to perform at Rock in Rio. In 2017, the Brazilian ace approached Demi Lovato and publicly praised the song “Sorry Not Sorry.” The same year, the American singer came to watch a Neymar match in London, and the two went out for dinner after the match.

Neymar also tried to approach singer Camila Cabello, who was one of the last 10’s attractions, but went unnoticed. Demi Lovato performed on September 4. She was the penultimate attraction of the evening, which featured Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

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