1990s star Alicia Silverstone is mistaken for an Avril Lavigne employee and appears in a tight skirt at an event | Celebrities

A fashion event in New York embarrassed actress Alicia Silverstone and singer Avril Lavigne. The two celebrities were invited to the Christian Siriano show during New York Fashion Week last Friday, September 8, when the altercation took place.

The star of “Preppy Girls of Beverly Hills” (1995) was mistaken for an employee of the Canadian artist. According to the website Page Six, another guest at the event saw the actress sitting next to Lavigne and asked her if she worked for Lavigne.

Alicia Silverstone in a scene from Beverly Hills Girls (1995) — Photo: Reproduction

Witnesses to the incident told Page Six that Silverstone initially didn’t understand the question. Understanding the confusion, she reacted by laughing. The other guest, embarrassed, apologizes: “My God. I am really sorry”.

Janet Jackson, Laura Linney, Alicia Silverstone, Rosie Perez, Avril Lavigne and Kesha at New York Fashion Week — Photo: Getty Images

“Alicia took it with no problem. He just laughed,” the witness told Page Six.

Photos from the Christian Siriano show at New York Fashion Week show Silverstone and Lavigne among a group of celebrities including Janet Jackson, Laura Linney, Rosie Perez and Kesha. The actress and singer have yet to speak publicly about what happened.

Singer Avril Lavigne — Photo: Playback/Instagram

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