Ana Castela, Zé Felipe, ‘Comida di Buteco’ and waterfalls: see the attractions of Triângulo and Alto Paranaíba | mining triangle

The “boiadeira” is a confirmed attraction this weekend — Photo: Paulo Henrique Marques/g1

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Among the names, Ana Castela and Israel and Rodolffo kick off Expomonte 2023, in Monte Alegre de Minas. At the Araxá Rodeo Show, the first days of the event feature Maiara and Maraísa, Zé Felipe and Guilherme and Benuto.

  • THE INVASION OF POP BOIADEIRAS: Ana Castela opens the door to new teenagers in the country

However, the program goes beyond country shows. In Uberlândia, the Canadian show “The Best Brothers” (in Portuguese “Melhores Irmãos”) arrives at Cineteatro Nininha Rocha. In Uberaba there is also rural tourism. See the full program below.

Take the opportunity to publicize your event by e-mail [email protected] or of WhatsApp from g1 (34) 9-9907-9152. You can upload a video about the cultural attraction you want to see on g1 or photo and text. The important thing is to have basic information such as:

  • attraction name;
  • date, place and time of the presentation;
  • contact number for interested parties to ask questions.

Cultural agenda


“Rolinho dos Deuses” dish, by Marcelinho Espetaria, in Araguari — Photo: Comida di Buteco/Disclosure

  • When: until April 30;
  • Time: depending on the operation of the bars;
  • Local: participating institutions;
  • Information: check g1 the list with all the bars participating in the regional stage, as well as the dishes that compete for the prize.

“Best Brothers”

  • When: April 15, 16, 22 and 23;
  • Time: from 7 p.m.;
  • Local: Cineteatro Nininha Rocha;
  • Information: The show is translated by Marco Antonio Sousa and premiered in Brazil with Cia. Liquid. Tickets can be purchased by the Internet.

The worlds of Chico Xavier (Theatre play)

One piece tells stories of medium Chico Xavier — Photo: Os Mundos de Chico Xavier/Disclosure

  • When: April 16;
  • Time: 8:00 p.m.;
  • Local: Municipal Theater of Uberlândia;
  • Information: show talks about the life of the medium. Read the details in the report.


Regional Circuit of Rural Tourism – 5th edition

  • When: April 16;
  • Time: see the whole program on social networks;
  • Local: Marília Farm;
  • Information: the program includes presentations by Folia de Reis, the Orquestra Municipal de Uberaba, horse riding and concerts by regional artists.

58th anniversary of the Teatro Experimental

  • When: April 15 and 20;
  • Time: 7:30 p.m.;
  • Local: Uberaba Experimental Theater (TEU);
  • Information: free entry. see in social networks the full schedule.
  • When: April 15;
  • Time: 3:00 p.m.;
  • Local: Pôr do Sol Square, in the Olinda district;
  • Information: the program includes concerts, MC battles, 3×3 basketball and skateboarding.

Mount Alegre from Minas

  • When: April 18 to 23;
  • Time: from 20h ;
  • Local: Doutor Allysson Paulinelli Exhibition Center;
  • Information: attractions include Ana Castela, Israel and Rodolfo, Rick and Renner, and Guilherme and Santiago. Tickets can be purchased by the Internet.

Patos de Minas

Philharmonic Orchestra of Patos de Minas

The 2023 season begins with performances in Patos de Minas and Araxá — Photo: Patos de Minas Philharmonic Orchestra/Social Media/Reproduction

  • When: April 14;
  • Time: 8:00 p.m.;
  • Local: Capuchin Church;
  • Information: The orchestra also performs in Araxá on April 15. The two concerts kick off the band’s 2023 season. Read the timetable on the g1.


  • When: April 19 to 23;
  • Time: see the full program at to place of the event;
  • Local: Agenor Lemos Exhibition Center;
  • Information: among the confirmed attractions are Maiara and Maraisa, Zé Felipe, Guilherme and Benuto, Gustavo Mioto, Ana Castela, Thales Lessa, Dennis DJ, Emílio and Eduardo and João Bosco and Vinícius. Tickets can be purchased by the Internet.

*Trainee under the supervision of Carolina Portilho.

VIDEOS: see everything about Triângulo, Alto Paranaíba and Northeast de Minas

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