Anitta does not want tributes after her death: “This cookie is not allowed” | Entertainment

anita replied some followers who suggested that the singer should also have a statue of her in Brazil. The artist said that if she should receive tributes, let it be during her lifetime. If not, he has already warned the family not to allow anything in his name.

Anitta — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“It’s like I said, the tribute comes from my lifetime. Because if you wait until I die to give thanks, I will come back as a lost soul to haunt everyone,” he said. she writes.

In another comment, she shot, “You think I didn’t tell my family to shut it down? Wanna put my name in a school? On a street? Wanna do a samba school conspiracy? Tribute in the prize? Well, do it with me alive. ‘Cause that cookie isn’t allowed if it has to wait for me to die.

Soon, Madame Tussauds in New York will have a wax statue of the singer. In August 2021, Anitta said she was “honored” and even shared footage from the photo shoot to make the mold for the statue.

Anitta responds to a follower — Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

Anitta responds to a follower — Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

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