Anthony Di Yorio opens a whitelist for a new global project to make the internet user-controlled. The project will be unveiled on November 3

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Founder of Ethereum, Decentral and Jax Liberty Also announces the creation of a million dollar foundation for Canadian leaders and problem solving

TorontoAnd the August 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/- Antonio Dioriofounder of Ethereum, Decentral and Jax LibertyToday I announced Andiami Whitelist: The Quest for Liberty, an upcoming global technology project designed to add value and complement existing large decentralized network projects such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The announcement was made during the opening speech of the by Yorio Futurist Conference, the world’s largest cryptocurrency and blockchain event Canada.

With a decade of design, vision and construction, And Miami will tackle the most pressing issues in cryptocurrencies, including the centralization of decentralized networks and the conventional use of Web2 business models in the race for Web3, a Internet controlled by users. And Miami will achieve its goals with a combination of trusted leadership, tailored stakeholder incentives, and new custom hardware and software. Everything will be delivered on a scalable infrastructure, a new protocol for sharing nodes, a unique type of mining and a state-of-the-art token economy.

The future cannot be built on old models, he says Antonio Diorio. Likewise, you cannot build a user-controlled Internet while relying on institutional trust anywhere between the individual and the protocol. Andyami is an important result that I started ten years ago to give people the tools they need to take control of their digital lives: their money, their connections and their identity.

Andyami: The Quest for Liberty is set to be revealed on November 3, 2022, ten years to the day after the first Bitcoin meeting he hosted. by Yorio Torontowhere he met Vitalik Buterin. It will open to an audience of thousands at a famous Canadian concert hall in Torontowhich will be announced soon and will also be broadcast live worldwide.

The And Miami whitelist is now open on

At today’s futurist conference, A. by Yorio He also announced the creation of a Canadian foundation whose goal is to train the next generation of leaders and problem solvers to help solve the world’s most pressing challenges. The master. by Yorio He has personally donated $1 million to the foundation, which will also be funded by Global Project resources.

Over the years I have developed problem-solving frameworks that have brought parties together to create win-win solutions. These frameworks are formalized and my mission is to provide the tools that will inspire the next generation of problem solvers and leaders,” says Mr. by Yorio.

by Yorio He is the founder of Ethereum and the founder and CEO ofDecentralized Inc.Home of Ethereum, Decentral is a Canadian company that creates tools at the heart of the next Internet. IncludingJax LibertyThese are programs that have given millions of people the tools they need to take control of their digital assets.

Media contact: Jen Wheatley, Decentral Inc.,[email protected]

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