“Aren’t you that good?”


The fight reportedly took place last night, Wednesday (4), during the taping of Programa do Ratinho

(Photo by Mauricio Santana/Getty Images) - Simone and Simaria.
(Photo by Mauricio Santana/Getty Images) – Simone and Simaria.

Simone and Simaria, two nationally acclaimed sisters, form one of today’s greatest country duos. In addition to artist talent, singers are well known for having different tastes and mannerisms, which was clear when the two had a disagreement over a Podcast as they disagreed with the style of clothing worn by the other.

During this morning, Thursday (5), rumors emerged that the duo had a disagreement, generating a climate in the recording of Programa do Ratinho. It all happened when the presenter asked them to sing the song “Amigas”, the duo’s new musical hit.

“Just a minute…. hold the tape. Something crazy happened here now and I have to share it here with you… I’ll find the best way. I’m hoarse, I work a lot. I take care of everything the administrative part of the band. Besides that, I have two children. I prayed and asked God to give me a voice so that I could sing and do my interpretation.Simaria said, interrupting the presentation.

“To get out of tune, it’s better not to do it because you’re hoarse. I keep your voice, it’s a cure”snapped Simone. “I know, it’s a cure, but I think I can do it. So I will do it”explained Simaria. “So let’s see what happens. Aren’t you so good? Let’s see what will happen‘, the sister fired. “I’m not good, no. I’m trying to do my part”replied the duo’s second voice.

Simaria explained that it’s not always that they understand each other and that it’s good for the public to see these things. “I’m one person one way, my sister another, but we love each other. You take such good care of yourself that anyone who talks to us…” said. “Excessive care has forced her to do this here now. I took it **”Simone lamented.

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