Bnews · After fans’ suspicions, Anitta starts dating a Canadian producer: “She has a taste for everything”

Anitta, single for years, finally decided to embrace her relationship with Canadian Murda Beatz. The singer posted a series of videos on Instagram stories to show the couple’s intimacy on Valentine’s Day.

“Hello. Today is Valentine’s Day in Brazil,” commented Anitta in bed with her boyfriend. “Valentine’s Day in Brazil,” Murda replied. However, the singer realized that the boy was using an app to translate what she was saying and explained the situation: “Are you using an app? Seriously?”

“No, I was talking to you,” the producer said, commenting awkwardly after being caught in the act. The two were recently in Brazil, while the singer cared for her father, Mauro Machado, who was hospitalized after lung cancer.

In story, Anitta confirmed her relationship with Canadian producer Murda Beatz. Congratulations to the couple! ❤️

– Access Anitta (@AcessoAnittaR) June 12, 2022

Anitta gives details of her will, in case she leaves early

Super dedicated to her international career, Anitta took to a chat with her fans on social media to reveal that she has already left everything in her will ready for her family. The artist said the will was drawn up based on his current assets, valued at 550 million reais.

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“It’s about sharing everything kindly among those who deserve it. I have listed who deserves it,” he said. “If they start fighting over money, everyone will have to get a job and the money will be given away. Do what? It’s my way of doing things,” added Anitta. In another clip, she joked that she needed a very peaceful time. “I want my soul to rest completely peacefully after I leave.”

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