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For several years, Brazil and Canada have been competing for status as the second sporting power in the Americas, behind the United States. At the 2015 Pan American Games, the Canadians, on home soil, emerged victorious. At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Brazil was ahead of its rivals. Last cycle, Brazil finished second in the medal table at the 2019 Pan, but the Canadians were a little better at the 2021 Olympics. And who will win at the 2023 Pan, which begins this Friday, in Santiago, Chile.

Marcus Vinicius D’almeida on the podium with his silver medal alongside Canadian Eric Peters, gold, in 2019 — Photo: Guadalupe Prado/Reuters

The intense fight promises to continue in this edition of the Pan American Games. Both countries have most of their Olympic stars, although they are missing Olympic medalists.

According to the blog’s projection, Brazil will win, but with a close score. Brazil will win 60 gold medals, in addition to 59 silver and 80 bronze, for a total of 199 podiums. The projection shows 55 gold medals for Canadians, 45 silver and 66 bronze, totaling 166 podiums.


5 Athletics 5
0 Badminton 4
0 Breakup 1
two Boxing two
4 Canoe 7
0 Bike 5
1 Fencing 1
0 Water skiing two
13 Aptitude 5
0 Golf 1
1 Handball 0
0 Horse riding two
6 Judo 1
1 Karate two
9 Swimming 9
1 Skating 0
1 rowing 0
0 Squash 1
two Surfing 0
0 Diving 4
4 Skateboard 0
1 Taekwondo 1
1 Tennis 0
0 Shooting sports 1
two Table tennis 0
1 Archery 0
1 Triathlon 0
3 Candle 0
1 Beach volleyball 0
0 struggle 1
60 Total 55

Several gold medals will be up for grabs, essential for second place in the general ranking. These are those in which there is a direct confrontation between Brazil and Canada. Case, for example, of Marcus D´Almeida X Eric Peters in archery, Isaquias Queiroz Beach volleyball.

Which Olympic places are still up for grabs at the Pan American Games?

Santiago 2023 Pan American Games – Welcome Ceremony — Photo: Wander Roberto/COB

There are also direct disputes in karate (Brenda Costa x Brenda Pereira), judo (Shady El Nahas x Leo Gonçalves), men’s team gymnastics and boxing (Charlie Cavanagh x Bárbara Santos).

The matchups mentioned above will be key to staying ahead of Canada as a whole. According to the blog’s projection, in these head-to-head conflicts, Canada has a 6-3 advantage.

Towards the podium predicts medals for the Pan de Santiago

Brazil and Canada gradually battled for third place in the 2003 medal table, while Cuba still dominated in second place. There, the Canadians won the silver tiebreaker, both winning 29 gold medals. In 2007 and 2011, Brazil was third, behind the United States and Cuba, but ahead of Canada. The Canadians finished second in 2015, with Brazil third, but only finished fourth in 2019, where the Brazilians were second.

Brazil and Canada will be the great rivalry of Pan 2023.

Guilherme Costa — Photo: Reproduction

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