Brazil beat Canada to advance to Nations League final – 07/07/2022

THE Brazilian volleyball team the men beat Canada by 3 sets to 0 this Thursday, for the League of Nations. With partials of 25/18, 25/19 and 25/16, Brazil are well on their way to the final phase of the competition.

The team led by Renan Dal Zoto, with this victory, occupy the fifth place and can only get out of the classification zone if a very large combination of results occurs.

The first set started with balance and the Canadian team started to focus their attacks on Leal, who felt his ankle on his first attack of the match, just a scare. Captain Bruninho started distributing the ball better and optimizing the Brazilian attack. With a solid performance from Isac and Flávio in the middle of the net, Brazil took off and finished seven points clear.

The balance lasted longer in the second set, which was tied 14-14. Isac made good passes on serve, being very important in breaking up the opponent’s pass. Closer to the end of the stage, Brazil again showed their superiority and, after a Canadian error and the blocking of Flávio, closed the second partial.

In the third and final set, Canada created more difficulties for the Brazilian reception, mainly with attacks from the back of the court. Once again, central defenders were essential for the Seleção points, forwards and blockers. With that, Brazil finished the set nine points clear and ended the game after less than an hour and a half of play.

The Brazilian team still has two matches before the final stages of the tournament, against France, this Friday, at 3:40 (GMT), and Japan, Sunday, at 7:10.

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