Canadian company expected to generate 1,500 jobs with gold exploration project in Pedra Branca

The Pedra Branca project is based in the central area of ​​Ceará, in the northern part of the province of Borborema (Photo: Disclosure)

The Canadian company South Atlantic Gold has arrived in Ceará where it intends to carry out an ore exploration project in the municipality of Pedra Branca. The company will invest around 120 million reais and plans to explore nearly six kilos of gold in an area of ​​nearly 50,000 hectares in the municipality.

The investment that the company will make when settling in Ceará has been signed with the state government through a memorandum, which represents the agreement between the private company and the state government of Ceara. In total, there will be around R$120 million and the mining activity should generate a total of 1,500 jobs, of which 900 at the start, and almost 300 after the opening.

What is planned by the Canadian company is the exploration of approximately 180,000 ounces of gold. Metal is an internationally traded commodity in ounces, a kind of type of measurement used by the troy system (relating to precious metals and stones), where one ounce equals 31.11 grams. 180,000 ounces, converted to grammage, would give almost six kilos.

On its website, the company specifies that in addition to Canada, the Pedra Branca project will be the only one it will carry out in Brazil. The exploration mine, as indicated in the portal, is to be built on a property of 48,828 hectares. The area lies within a 60 km long shear zone and has, depending on the site, three well-defined targets and 25 potential concessions.

The jaguar targets to be explored by the company have been stipulated from a projection study, which guarantees the yield that the South Atlantic will have. The estimates indicate an “optimal” scenario for prospecting new business. If confirmed, Pedra Branca should be the first municipality in Sertão Central, internationally recognized for its gold potential.

The Governor of Ceará, Izolda Cela, celebrated the company’s arrival in Ceará. “We are very proud and full of hope when we talk about job creation inside Ceará. We promote coordination between the secretariats so that we can act in an integrated way to guarantee the technical and professional training necessary for the project to achieve the expected success,” he commented.

In addition to the Secretariat for Economic Development and Labor (Sedet), the Secretariat for Water Resources, the Secretariat for Education, the Secretariat for Infrastructure, the Secretariat for Science, Technology and Higher Education and the Secretariat for the Environment also participated. in the joint to sign the Environment memorandum.

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