Canadian saves goose from eagle attack while nursing

Canadian Caitlin Oakley is a mother of three and was breastfeeding her youngest daughter when she realized last Monday (16) that Frankie, the family’s pet goose, needed some help.

After looking outside her house, she saw her goose being attacked by an eagle. Without hesitation, she ran with the baby still on her lap to save him. Oakley managed to scare the goose away, and her home security camera recorded the entire moment.

Mike Lazic, Oakley’s husband, decided to share the video on TikTok. He explained in the post that the eagles in the area had already taken three chickens from his family and that his wife would not allow them to take her goose as well. “Mama Bear nurses and protects her sweet Frankie.”

On her Instagram profile, the Canadian often posts the challenges of motherhood in her routine with her children. In one of the posts she wrote about the breastfeeding period: “How difficult it is and how no one prepares you for it [amamentação] or talk about it. She also made herself available to speak to other mothers who are also breastfeeding.

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