CBF bans team jerseys at national team matches and lets children wear only underwear

Team jerseys banned by the CBF – Photo: Reproduction/Internet

The Neo Química Arena, the Corinthians stadium, was the scene of a controversy this Thursday (30), during the friendly match between the women’s teams of Brazil and Japan. The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) surprised supporters by banning the wearing of the club’s jersey, resulting in some spectators, including children, being forced to enter the stadium without clothes or wearing them inside out .

Avid Corinthians supporter Carol Albuquerque expressed her outrage when she reported that her godson had to undress to enter the stadium simply because he was wearing the club’s colours. “This is how they get my godson into the NQA [Neo Química Arena] for the national team match, because he wore a Corinthians t-shirt and shorts? Absurd, CBF,” he criticized.

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Other reports of fans being banned from entering have multiplied, with TV Globo reporting that many are now occupying the stands without shirts, to protest against the measure imposed by the CBF. Some fans said they were forced to buy Brazilian team jerseys from vendors at the stadium entrance.

Surprisingly, there was no prior announcement regarding the ban on club or other national team jerseys before the start of the clash. The fans were surprised, generating outrage and criticism towards the CBF and the Neo Química Arena.


This is the only match of the Brazilian women’s football team scheduled this year at the Neo Química Arena. On the other hand, during the clash with the Canadian team in October 2022, no obstacle to wearing the club jersey was observed.

To date, neither the CBF nor the administration of the Neo Química Arena have given an official explanation for what happened, further fueling the discontent of the affected fans. The controversy raises questions about fans’ freedom of expression and advance notice of restrictions at sporting events. The discontent of the supporters promises to reverberate beyond the stands, like a controversial episode in the history of Brazilian football.



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