Company offers R$400,000 to work as a ‘candy taster’

What chocolate addict hasn’t dreamed of making money eating candy? It seems like an idea from another world, but in Canada and the United States, it is already a reality.

Candy Funhouse, a Canadian confectionery company, is hiring a part-time or full-time confectionery professional. The store, which has more than 3,500 sugar-filled products in its inventory, offers employees 100,000 Canadian dollars a year, which in Brazil is equivalent to more than 400,000 reais.

The vacancy is all about tasting sweets and deciding whether or not to be awarded the store’s certificate “Official CCO (Chief Candy Officer) Seal of Approval”. In addition to choosing new products, hosting candy board meetings and testing flavors.

Work can be done remotely or in person for residents of Canada or the United States who wish to work in Toronto or Nowark. The position is not restricted by age and anyone over the age of 5 residing in North America is eligible.

“We believe that candy is universal and that the sweetness of tasting a special candy unites us. No matter where you’re from, sweets are a FUN language that we all speak and can relate to – and we love to put a smile on our customers’ faces!

No prior experience is necessary and the person chosen for the position will have prior training in taste. The company warns that work is more than fun, “This is a serious candy business.”

As requirements, the candidate must have enthusiasm, the willingness to try lots of sweets, creativity, “golden taste buds”, be communicative, not have food allergies and know how to have fun.

So, would you apply for a job like this or is there a lot of sugar involved?

***Internship supervised by Beatriz Melo


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