CONIB participates in the CJM meeting in Rome to discuss the situation of the communities

Representatives from nearly 50 countries, from Europe, Latin America, Canada and South Africa, gathered in Rome at the 8th Professional Meeting of the World Jewish Congress (WYD) to discuss the situation Jewish communities in times of crisis. The Brazilian delegation was represented by Sergio Napchan, general director of CONIB, and Ricardo Berkiensztat, executive president of Fisep.

According to Napchan, it is important to highlight the drama experienced by Jewish communities in Russia, in particular, and Ukraine, as well as the pressures Jews faced in South Africa. Many other communities in Europe are on alert and attention. because of the hostile environment for Jews: in France and Belgium, because of the strength of the Islamic communities in these two countries and, to a certain extent, in Germany. The difference is that, in the latter country, Jews benefit from the full support of the state and the government. The community in France has also received significant support from the government, according to Robert Ejnes, executive director of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France.

Napchan considers that in Brazil the crisis committee is doing an excellent job against disinformation and anti-Semitism, compared to what is happening in other communities. “Working with the professional press, social media and political articulation, and guaranteeing the best security conditions are essential pillars that manifest themselves in almost all communities,” he says. There are specific situations depending on the reality of each country where the Jewish community is present. There are communities like France and the United Kingdom which already experience this reality in their daily lives because they have put in place solid structures.

The event took place in the presence of Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), who maintains good proximity with representatives of the Vatican, and Cardinal Koch, among others.

During the public audience on Wednesday (22), the Pope said that he had received families of Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners. He asked for peace and called on the parties to dialogue. He also greeted members of the World Jewish Congress delegation.

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