Crow Rescued By Couple Visits Them Every Day To Gain Affection: ‘Touching’

A couple rescued a young crow and then released it back into the wild. But the animal has not forgotten its human friends and shows up every day at the house where they live to visit them.

Dana Bryce and her fiancé were cleaning the porch of their home in Manitoba, Canada, when they were startled by the cries of a flock of crows on the property. Soon after, they found three baby crows lying on the ground. The couple rescued the birds and took care of them inside the house.

“The crows were so sick that they couldn’t survive if they were alone,” Dana told The Dodo.

After the cubs were retrieved, Bryce and his mate returned them to the wild. She named Oscar’s sickest crow and cared for him with great devotion.

“I put newspapers and grass in the barrel and kept the crows warm. They also drank a bowl of water and devoured the food I gave them every 30 minutes,” said he detailed.

Dana confessed that she grew fond of all the crows, especially Oscar, who was the most affectionate with her. With the departure of the puppy, a feeling of sadness seized the Canadian, who says she took care of the animal as if it were her own. However, he was happy to hear that Oscar was back with his mother and brothers.

But Dana and her fiancé were surprised the next day when Oscar returned to his balcony to see the couple again. And the relationship between the three intensified with the daily visits of the bird. The moment was recorded and shared by Dana on TikTok. The post reached over 3.3 million views.

In the video, Oscar approaches Dana and interacts with her by flapping his wings and making other gestures. Moments later, her fiancé places the crow on his arm and strokes it.

Many people were moved by the crow’s apparent affection and gratitude to the humans who rescued him.

“If it’s not that I can’t wait to see my friend again, I don’t know what is. It’s very touching”, commented a user of the video platform. Another joked: “The crow said, ‘I don’t think I’m adjusting to life on the streets. Can I go home? “”

In an interview with “The Dodo,” Dana Bryce said she was concerned about Oscar’s reason for returning, as she believes he hasn’t adapted to nature like his brothers.

Although he lives in the woods, the animal insists on visiting Dana’s house every day. The woman said she was glad the crow hadn’t forgotten about her and considered him part of the family.

Crows are extremely intelligent birds, to the point of being able to create tools to hunt – as a study in Oxford has shown.

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