Dryworld undergoes restructuring and raises Floo’s hopes of receiving

In 2016, Fluminense announced a partnership with Dryworld (Photo: Nelson Perez – FFC)

Former Fluminense sports equipment supplier, Dryworld was ordered by the courts of his country, Canada, to compensate the club for the breach of contract in 2016.. However, NETFLU anticipated that the company’s predicament would appear to be a problem for such payment.. The number 1 fan site tricolor also found that, however, Canadians have recently gone through a restructuring process, which increases the chances of the flu being compensated.

Dryworld has returned to act strongly in certain sports segments. This scenario gives hope to the club to receive the amount which remains to be defined by Canadian justice.

Although the partnership ended six years ago, after the dissolution of Fluminense due to a debt of 12 million reais, in addition to the loss distribution of uniforms, there is no certainty of receiving a any compensation. Dryworld would be in financial difficulty. Tricolor demands more than 50 million reais.

Under the five-year agreement with Fluminense, signed under the administration of Peter Siemsen, Dryworld would pay US$3.5 million fixed per year, which is equivalent to 13.5 million reais at the exchange rate of the ‘era. With the rewards and materials, this amount could reach 20 million reais. Most of the payments, until the departure of the sports supplier, had not been made. The tricolor dome holds the hiring of a renowned Canadian office to take care of the case.

The decision issued by the club last Wednesday found Dryworld guilty of the contractual termination which took place in 2016 and determined the payment of an amount which will be further calculated and updated.

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