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Nicholas Latifi has announced his retirement (Photo: Rodrigo Berton/Grand Prix)

Nicholas Latifi has announced his retirement (Photo: Rodrigo Berton/Grand Prix)

pilot of williams between 2020 and 2022 in Formula 1the canadian Nicholas Latifi returned to social media on Tuesday (18) and announced his retirement from motorsport. With the first appearance on social media in months, Nicholas announced his entry into the business world through a letter.

“I decided early on this year that I didn’t plan on racing in 2023. I knew it would definitely be weird not having the routine I’ve had for half my life. Knowing that I wasn’t going to be behind the wheel, I started to wonder what was next for me, if it was something involving racing or something else. I decided that, in the immediate future, I wanted to take some time off and focus on another path,” Latifi said.

Away from the tracks, Latifi has decided to focus on the business world and wants to study business administration for the next chapter in her career. After a long process, he was accepted into the London Business School, in England, and will begin his studies in August.

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Nicholas Latifi leaves motorsport (Photo: Williams)

“Making the decision earlier this year that an MBA was what I wanted, I started spending my time researching universities and seeing which ones would be the best fit, preparing an application and studying for a GMAT. It was not an easy process and took months. Anyone who’s been through the journey of trying to get into college knows how difficult it is.

Formula 2 vice-champion in 2019, Latifi had already tested for Renault and Force India when he was hired by Williams for the 2020 season. For the Grove team, there were only 9 points added. The best result was seventh at the 2021 Hungarian GP, ​​which marked the first top 10 of the driver’s F1 career.

“Moving to another category seemed like the obvious decision. However, I always knew I would have a post-race career at some point, and I decided now was the right time to prepare for it. It’s not necessarily goodbye to the racing world. Running has been part of my life since I was 13, and it’s still something I’m passionate about. I haven’t missed a race F1 This year. However, I understood that this year was the right time to explore and pursue other paths in life.

Nicholas’ career in Formula 1 we will especially remember his involvement in the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP. At the time, the Canadian was 16th and was fighting for the position with Mick Schumacher when he crashed on lap 53 and brought out the safety car. Lewis Hamilton of Mercedeswas the leader and had a comfortable advantage over Max Verstappen, having the eighth world title practically in progress. However, with race director Michael Masi’s controversial decision to only allow the stragglers separating Hamilton and Verstappen to complete their respective laps, Max overtook Lewis on the restart, which came on the final lap, won the race and took the world title.

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