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No toys, no clothes, let alone a first aid kit. What can save your trip with the kids is actually a roll of duct tape. At least that’s what some influencers on social media are recommending.

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“I swear. It’s great on the plane, but also during the rest of the vacation. You can label the kids’ cups, bandage them, tape the locks and drawers you don’t want them to open. .. And the list goes on. It’s always a strange object that I take on a trip,” wrote Canadian Nichola Knox.

In a video that already has more than 6 million viewsthe photographer and content creator shows how she uses duct tape to distract her kids when they travel, whether by drawing a cart track on the hotel room floor or creating games on the food tray from the plane.

Influencers Bri and Liz, from the page @ourtravelingtots, they also said to always have a roll of duct tape in your carry-on bag. “I also couldn’t agree more on the duct tape thing, it’s a very underrated item,” one commented.

According to her, her son is in a phase where he wants to move, open and close everything he sees. It was a roll of duct tape that allowed the family to have a more peaceful trip. “I got on the plane a little before my husband and my son and I put tape on the lock on the table. And that’s how we saved my son from trying to open it all time,” she said.



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