FIERN System participates in Mossoró Oil & Gas Expo 2023, from November 21 to 23

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The FIERN system will be present at Mossoró Oil & Gas Expo (MOGE) 2023, the largest onshore oil and gas sector event in Brazil. MOGE takes place from November 21 to 23, at the UFERSA ExpoCenter, organized by Redepetro-RN and Sebrae-RN, with the support of FIERN, and brings together the main players in the oil and gas production chain. The event is attended by the president of the Federation of Industries of the State of Rio Grande do Norte (FIERN), Roberto Serquiz, and the director of SENAI-RN, Rodrigo Mello.

Focused on the debate on important topics concerning the production and export of oil extracted on land and in shallow waters, as well as on the production chain of goods and services in the segment, the event will bring together men from business, experts, academic institutions and entities representing the sector. Mossoró Oil & Gas Expo will have an extensive program, with conferences, business areas and presentations of innovative projects during the 4th Brazilian Onshore Oil & Gas Symposium.

The president of FIERN, Roberto Serquiz, will participate in the opening of the event, at the Arena Petróleo & Gás, and in the opening session of the Welding course organized by SENAI-RN in partnership with 3R Petroleum, the main company of the onshore oil sector. and the gas segment in the state. In addition, he will meet with a Canadian mission made up of businessmen and institutions from the country that have oil and gas investments in Rio Grande do Norte.

Inaugural class

3R Petroleum CEO Matheus Dias; the president of FIERN and the Regional Council of SENAI-RN, Roberto Serquiz; the director of SENAI-RN and the SENAI Institute for Innovation in Renewable Energy (ISI-ER), Rodrigo Mello; and the director of SENAI Mossoró, Emery Costa Júnior, will attend the inauguration of the Welding course organized by SENAI-RN in partnership with the oil company.

The training is part of a joint training program between 3R Petroleum and SENAI-RN. The program offers more than 100 places for free courses in the municipalities of Alto do Rodrigues and Macau. The courses aim to train workers in the oil sector, with courses for Rig Operator, Backhoe Operator, Field and Station Operator, Control Room Operator and Welding, at Alto do Rodrigues, and joint mechanic, in Macau. The partnership will also offer training in Mossoró, with registrations planned for December. Courses for instrument technician, automation technician, CNC turner and maintenance mechanic (machining) will be offered in the municipality.

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