Government announces new visa policy for tourists from Canada, Australia and the United States

Brazil will implement a new visa policy starting January 10, affecting tourists from Canada, Australia and the United States (USA).

This change in legislation, initially scheduled to come into force on October 1, 2023, has been postponed, as indicated by the Ministry of Tourism.

With this new regulation, tourists from these three countries will have to present a visa to enter Brazil.

This requirement applies from the date of arrival on Brazilian soil, meaning that those arriving before January 9 will still be exempt from the visa requirement.

The move follows the previous visa exemption for Japanese, Australian, Canadian and North American tourists, which was revoked following a bilateral agreement between Brazil and Japan.

The agreement provided for mutual visa exemptions for stays of up to 90 days, but is now limited to Japanese tourists only.

The Ministry of Tourism stressed that adjustments to the tender process were necessary to hire the company that will provide e-visa services to tourists from these countries. The new decree, which formalizes this change, will be published as soon as it has completed its legal processing.

This measure represents an important adjustment to Brazil’s tourism policy, aimed at regularizing the entry of visitors from these specific countries and guaranteeing an efficient and secure visa issuance process.


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