Great day for Brazil at the Badminton Peru Open

Photo: Gaspar Nobrega/COB

Between September 20 and 24, the Peruvian Badminton Open. The competition has 9 Brazilians, who did very well today.

In the first match involving the Brazilians, men’s doubles, Fabrício Farias/Davi Silva beat American favorites Vinson Chiu/Joshua Yuan 2-1 with scores of 21-18, 18-21 and 21-16. Then with a double 21-11 they beat the Peruvians Alejandro Sanchez/Sharum Cardenas. Tomorrow, the 23rd, they will face Canadians Kevin Lee/Ty Alexander Lindeman in the semi-final.

By ladies doubles Brazil started with an easy victory. Jaqueline Lima/Samia Lima scored 2-0 with scores of 21-8 and 21-5 against Peruvians Sofia Vasquez/Carla Bernales. Then, the Brazilians faced the Cubans Taymara Pupo/Yeily Rodriguez. Another sure victory 2-0 (21-9 and 21-8). Such a result already guarantees at least bronze. Tomorrow, in the semi-final, they will face the Canadians Catherine Choi/Josephine Wu.

By mixed doubles the English Marcus Ellis/Lauren Smith were the favorites, but were surprised by the Brazilians Davi Silva/Sania Lima by 2-1. Indeed, the first set was won 21-8 by the Brazilians. Then the English managed to draw in the sets with 21-17, but in the deciding set the Brazilian duo was superior with 21-18, eliminating the English.

Then, Davi Silva/Sania Lima faced the Peruvians Jose Chirinos/Fernanda Solimano on the same day. This time, the victory came without surprise: 2-0 for the Brazilians with scores of 21-7 and 21-9. With this victory, they qualify for the semi-finals where they have already won bronze. In the semi-final, they will face Canadians Ty Alexander Lindeman/Josephine Wu.

Still in mixed doubles, Fabrício Farias/Jaqueline Lima beat the Peruvians Sharum Cardenas/Namie Tsukazan by 2-0 (21-9 and 21-10), but, despite a courageous fight, they lost the next match against the Australians Kenneth Choo / Gronya Somerville by 2-1 (distributions of 21-17, 13-21 and 20-22). If they had won, they would have secured at least bronze.

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