“I already miss you”

BBB 22

Tadeu Schmidt took over the presentation of BBB 22 in place of Tiago Leifert

Tadeu Schmidt did an exciting article about the BBB 22 final
© Reproduction / InstagramTadeu Schmidt did an exciting article about the BBB 22 final

Thaddee Schmidt gave a show as presenter of the BBB 22. The communicator literally took command of the reality and the exchange of presenters was not even very noticeable. Throughout the programs, Tadeu showed charisma, sympathy and shone in the speeches of elimination, something similar to what Pedro Bial made at the beginning of Big brother.

This morning (26), Tadeu took to Instagram to thank the public for their affection and explain how the home stretch of the BBB 22. It is to highlight that Paulo André, Arthur Aguiar and Douglas Silva compete for the final prize and that the Internet is engaged in joint efforts to win the money for the favorite.

“I now open my work by thanking this team, which welcomed with such affection this first-year student, eager to learn the secrets of this program so wonderful and stimulating! There are over 400 people. Here is just the team responsible for operating the studios. I will remember with great happiness the incredible moments I experienced under these lights with your help.

“How nice it was to meet you every day! I already miss this little piece of ours Globo Studios“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” he concluded. Registrations for the BBB 23 are already open and anyone wishing to apply for a vacancy should register on the website. No information has yet been released regarding the next edition of the reality show.

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