Influencer who became famous thanks to Artificial Intelligence

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking more and more space on the Internet and in everyday life. Yet seeing one person “become” another surprises and frightens as technology advances. Influencer Jesse Richards uses AI to make funny videos on social media, where he’s been Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise, Pedro Pascal, Harry Styles, among other celebrities.

The resource he uses is Deep Fake, which consists of using Artificial Intelligence to create fake but very realistic videos of personalities in contexts that did not exist in real life. In his posts, Richards usually only appears with a celebrity’s face, without speaking or altering his voice.

In the comments, the influencer’s followers are admired and also scared of artificial intelligence. “Cool, but I have goosebumps at the same time”, comments a user. “Wow😮 very real,” wrote another.

Artificial intelligence has also been used on networks to get one artist to sing another’s song. For example, there is Renato Russo who sings “Batom de Cherry”, from the duo Israel and Rodolffo, or the Canadian The Weeknd who sings Anitta.

Dangers of artificial intelligence

Even used to generate entertainment on networks, Artificial Intelligence is concerned about the risks it can cause when used maliciously. In the context of elections, for example, there are debates about the possible influence of false content, manipulating the image or voice of politicians, in the electoral decision. Moreover, the technology has already been used to create fake celebrity pornography.

There are still talks about replacing professionals with AI. Recently, the IT company stopped the process of hiring employees for positions that could be filled by AI. Before that, the BuzzFeed site had announced that it would use ChatGPT, also an artificial intelligence, to produce content, raising the debate on the devaluation of journalists.

The “godfather” of AI, Geoffrey Hinton, has revealed to the international press that he regrets working on the technology, which now generates dangers. For him, robots with AI could soon be smarter than humans.

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