‘it makes a big difference to have a partner’

The singer appeared in stories after the surgery and spoke about the importance of her partner at that time

Published on 07/23/2022 at 07:34 Reading / Instagram Folhapress

Still hospitalized in a hospital in São Paulo due to an endometriosis operation last Tuesday (07/19), 29-year-old Anitta started using stories again on Friday night (22) to interact with fans. The singer, who previously spoke about the difficult times of the postoperative period, wanted to thank her boyfriend Murda Beatz for his support. The Canadian producer does not leave the funkeira.

Anitta said Murda downloaded an app to translate everything the singer talks to doctors into English about how her girlfriend’s recovery is going. “Every day he’s going to ask the doctor what’s wrong with me and how he can help me. It makes a lot of difference for women, to have a partner who understands us,” Anitta began, telling her followers.

She recalled that in the past she had a partner who, in times of severe pain from endometriosis, thought it was “cool” and “clown”. She, who still has no discharge forecast, asked: “People in our work, bosses, people who understand that this is a real disease, it really hurts and we need support”, commented the singer who also thanked one more award. with the hit Envolver.

Anitta won the award in the Hottest Choreography category, from Premios Juventud, an award organized by Univision and one of the most important in Latin music. The singer was the only Brazilian nominated this year and the first to win the award.

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