Jacob Collier releases “Witness Me” featuring Shawn Mendes, Stormzy and Kirk Franklin

The singer Jacob Collier releases this Wednesday (22) the new song Witness mewith appearances by Canadian singer and songwriter Shawn Mendes, the rapper British Storm and the legend of the gospel Kirk Franklin. The single is now available on digital platforms via Universal Music, via Decca Records.

Witness me is a transformative and catchy gospel-inspired anthem, a collision of four distinct musical worlds, all in the singular style of Coal. Featuring a cast of music heavyweights as only Collier could muster, the song celebrates the radical power of empathy.

Photo: Alex Oh / The musical journal

The song contains more than 5 thousand of these fans singing togetherwhich reinforces the magic of Kirk Franklin and its singers, a classic sound that has graced hundreds of Franklin’s legendary gospel recordings over the past three decades.

Coal talking about the song: “The song began its journey in 2021 when Shawn and I got together to brainstorm ideas in Malibu. We bonded over our love of gospel, joyful community gatherings, and creating music that was not just for us. I worked on the seed of this song. song over the next few months and traveled to Arlington, Texas (Franklin’s home) to work with Kirk and his incredible singers for a day. This session transformed the demo into a full song, which I then sent to Stormzy to work his inimitable magic.”.

And carry on : “This song means a lot to me. Its creation brought me so much hope and care during the two years of pregnancy. At a time when there are so many divisive forces in the world, I hope this song can serve as a reminder of the power of people to come together and truly see each other, support each other and witness life in all its colors.”

Shawn Mendes celebrates his participation in Witness me: “I’m so happy to share this song with everyone. Jacob, Stormzy, and Kirk are artists I’ve admired for a long time, so I’m honored to be a part of such a well-intentioned song. I hope you like he!!!”


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