Justin Bieber gets a character in new ‘Free Fire’ game teaser

In the midst of his long-awaited presentation of the the world stage of Rock in Rio, justin bieber has great news for his fans who appreciate the universe geek. Did the singer come from star in a new game teaser “Free Fire”, which celebrates its 5th anniversary of release. All this, of course, through a new character entirely inspired by the CanadianO J.Biebs.

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On the images, shared by both the company and the artist on their Instagram accounts, he appears to the rhythm of many adventures, with lots of explosions, bombs, car races… phew! All this to celebrate the 5th anniversary of “Free fire”. It is to highlight that justin will always be the first artist to perform an in-game show at The Battle Royal of Garena and will also release the game’s exclusive music, titled “Beautiful Love (Free Fire)”.

The Canadian singer’s in-game show is on August 27, when the game’s 5th anniversary celebrations culminate. A curious fact is that, at the end of this first teaser, shared this Saturday (20), it is possible to see the J.Biebs on stage, acclaimed by the public. It would be a little spoiler of this presentation which is happening next Saturday, huh?!

So far we know that J.Biebs will have an ability called Silent Sentinel. With it, the player can block damage using energy points (EP), and the amount of EP deducted from teammates will be added to the skill user’s EP. And if that wasn’t enough, the special can still level up.

Free Fire 5 years
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unite the world

One of the main new features of the 5th anniversary of Garena’s battle royale is the “Uniting the World” mode, which will give the community the opportunity to relive all the celebrations of the game’s previous anniversaries, with five chapters: Battle, Style, Maps, Heroes and Memories.

Each chapter will be available weekly.

News for the anniversary of “Free Fire”

Free Fire news 5 years
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Starting next Friday, August 5, the celebrations for the 5th anniversary of “Free Fire” and all its novelties and various rewards, to follow until September 13th.

Among the novelties of the game, a new map: Nova Terra (or Nexterra), which offers players a new place of exploration and battles.

Described as “vast and dynamic”, the new map of “Free Fire” was designed to elevate and diversify the Battle experience.

In addition to several new daily quests, with token rewards exchangeable for special items, new game modes have also been announced for the 5th anniversary of “Free Fire”:

  • The new mode It’s Out!, which will be available for a limited time. In this mode, up to 16 players will face off in intense melee combat in Santiago. To get points, players must select their own weapons and eliminate competitors one by one. The first player to accumulate a predetermined number of points wins the game.

  • Free Fire’s five-year special mode: Android Cizania. In this mode, 12 players compete in each match to become the last android. After choosing their own type of android, the player must convert as many humans as possible before time runs out. The remaining humans in the game, as well as a predetermined number, will transform into hunters and have their stats updated to permanently eliminate the androids. Points can be earned based on performance and the player with the most points after three rounds wins the match.

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