Learn all about the Beach Volleyball World Cup, which starts on the 10

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The 2022 Beach Volleyball World Championships will take place from June 10 to 19 in Rome, capital of Italy. The event, which takes place every two years, will feature big names in the sport and Brazil is one of the favourites, due to its tradition in the sport.

The tournament, organized by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), is divided into 12 groups of four doubles each. After the first round matches, the top four teams advance to the semi-finals. In all, eight pairs will represent Brazil at the World Cup, these are:

  • Man: Bruno Schmidt and Saymon, André and George, Renato and Vitor Felipe, Alison and Guto
  • Feminine: Duda and Ana Patrícia, Bárbara Seixas and Carol Solberg, Talita and Rebeca, Taiana and Hegê

Where to watch the Beach Volleyball World Cup

The broadcast will be on behalf of SporTV, which will broadcast all matches of the Brazilian doubles live. In addition, the station team will have the participation of players Emanuel and Ágatha, who have won several titles for Brazil in the modality.

Canarinha’s team are the strongest favorite country in search of title

Brazilian beach volleyball has an excellent track record of achievement and is a benchmark in the sport. In all, seven titles for men and five for women.

Here is the United States, which has five achievements. It should be noted that the Canadian and American duos have been constantly increasing for several years. Canadian duo Sarah Pavan and Melissa won an unprecedented trophy for the country at the 2019 World Cup, which took place in Germany.

Check out the Brazilian doubles groups at the World Cup

Women’s World Cup:


Duda/Ana Patricia
Hermannova/Stochlova (TCH)
Schutzenhofer/Plesiutschchnig (AUT)
Wang/Xia (CHN)


Barbara Seixas/Carol Solberg
Megan/Nicole (CAN)
Diane/Marguerite (FRI)
Erika/Poletti (BY)


Day/Stockman (USA)
Lahti/Ahtianen (END)
Payano/Rosario (DOM)


Muller/Tilman (EFA)
V. Orsi Toth / R. Orsi Toth (ITA)
Worapeerachayakorn/Naraphornrapat (TAI)

Men’s World Cup:


Bruno Schmidt/Saymon
Rossi/Carambule (ITA)
N.Capogrosso/T. Capogrosso (ARG)
Jawo/Jar (GAM)


Samoilovs/Smedins (LET)
Huber/Dressler (AUT)
Salemi/Vakili (IRA)


Renato/Vitor Felipe
Nicolaidis/Carracr (AUS)
Mora/Lopez (NIC)

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