Marvel Reveals Two New Alpha Flight Formations

The team of canadian heroes Marvel’s most famous character is back. A Alpha Troop will win a revival for the event The fall of Xwhich will encompass in the coming months the entire mutant franchise.

So far, Marvel has revealed other 4 reviews who makes up The Fall of X:

Something mysterious will happen in the Winter Ball 2023. The mutant franchise’s annual event in recent years has impacted the entire line of X-Men comics. and this year will be no different. Apparently mutants will lose Krakoa, the mutant nation. And the anti mutant hate will be on top.

In this scenario, the new HQ of Alpha Troop. she will be a five-issue mini-series with script by Ed Brisson (iron fist) and the art of Scott Godlewski (legion of heroes). check the synopsis:

The actions of mutability put Canada on the attack and, in addition to creating a new line of sentinelsthey will appoint a government sponsored team to defuse the mutant conflict by any means necessary! But one Alpha Flight Second Team joins the fight, attacking from the shadows. More secrets and conspiracies are revealed as classic members of Alpha Flight and new faces are becoming important players on both sides of the war that will define mutants!

The team at Alpha Troop of the government will be composed of:

Guardian, Pygmy, shaman It is snow bird.

Already the team of mutants will have:

Dawn, The North Star, Nemesis It is Daken.

Remembering this Daken, as Wolverine’s son, is of Canadian descent. This should justify your participation in the team.

But the important thing here is to see how the canadian government will openly hunt mutants. These are dark times for superior homo.

The author Ed Brisson said that like everything Canadian boy who grew up reading comics, it’s a dream come true to have the opportunity to write all the classic heroes of the team. He points out that the sasquatch does not participate in this team, suggesting that he will be attached to another Marvel project (possibly in the Hulk comics).

He ended his statement on Marvel’s website with a controversy speaks: “Having been there for the launch new age [dos X-Men]it’s an honor to come back and help close this chapter of X-Men history.

What did he mean by that? Will Krakoa really end for good? And what did you think of this return of the Alpha Troop? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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