Members of the Cuban community in Canada plead with lawmakers for the release of political prisoners in Cuba

Members of the Cuban-origin community in Canada spoke out to that country’s lawmakers this week. release of more than a thousand political prisoners in Cubaas part of a joint petition from Cuban civil society seeking support from the parliaments and congresses of 18 democratic countries.

The group of activists held a meeting with them Senator Léo Housakos and the deputy Pierre Paul-Hus, in which he addressed “the critical situation which crosses Cuba”, in particular, the political prisonersthem human rights violations Yeah repression of political dissent by the Cuban regime.

The activist Raimet Martinez sign that “the emphasis is on joint petition » which is presented in 18 democratic countries by Cuban civil society, which pleads, among other things, for the release of more than 1,000 political prisoners.

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The bone representatives of the Cuban-Canadian community This is why members of Cuban civil society are recognized as “valid interlocutors when it comes to the question of Cuba in Canada, and thus they can bring the reality of our country into the chambers of democratic governments.” Martinez said.

Activists presented a Cuban flag to Leo Housakos. Photo: Courtesy of CiberCuba

The idea for the petition originated in Canada, where the document was delivered to more than 300 members of Parliament and 105 members of the Senate, stating Cuba Newspaper.

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The activist Kirenia Carbonell declared the MegaTV that “this initiative belongs to all Cubans who fight for a democratic Cuba. The group is quite extensive in Canada, the United States and Europe. We have decided to unite in this petition in an inclusive document, without ideologies, which has no partisan character. There are no protagonist organizations.

Carbonell says the petition aims “deny the narrative of the military, totalitarian and genocidal regime of Havana using the democratic vehicles at our disposal in the countries where we live. Accept the truth about what is happening in Cuba and be able to change the situation.”

The petition was signed by more than 600 people, in Cuba and abroad.

In March 2022, Senator Housakos, from the Conservative Party, presented a motion to condemn the repression of the Cuban regime in the Parliament of Canada.which constitutes a historic initiative.

The motion was requested by the Senate so that the Government of Canada “denounce the illegitimacy of the Cuban regime and recognize the opposition and civil society as valid interlocutors“.

He also urges the Canadian government to intercede with the Cuban regime to “guarantee the right of the pueblo to demonstrate peacefully without fear of reprisal or repudiation“, says Housakos.

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