Meta begins blocking access to news in Canada

Meta began this Tuesday (01) to block Canadians’ access to news on Facebook and Instagram, in response to a new law, which requires digital giants to pay for this content.

Google, another critic of the Digital Information Act, said it was considering a similar resolution, amid a global debate as more governments try to make tech companies pay for content. the information.

“Links to news and content published by media in Canada will no longer be accessible to citizens of the country,” Meta announced. News posted on foreign websites will also not be visible to Canadian Facebook and Instagram users.

According to Meta, the changes will be implemented over the next few weeks. An AFP journalist was able to view Facebook news today, but some users reported receiving messages warning that this content was blocked.

The law aims to support Canada’s news production sector, which has seen the closure of hundreds of publications over the past decade. The text requires digital giants to enter into agreements with Canadian media and information sites regarding news and information shared on their platforms.

According to Meta, the bill is flawed and is based “on the erroneous assumption that Meta unfairly benefits from news content shared on our platforms, when the opposite is true.”

Media outlets share content on Facebook and Instagram to attract readers, which helps their own bottom line, the company added: “People who use our platforms don’t come to us for information. »

Heritage Minister Pascale St-Onge called the blocking of information irresponsible and noted that 80% of digital advertising revenue in Canada goes to Meta and Google.

“A free and independent press is fundamental to our democracy,” the minister said, adding that other countries are considering adopting laws similar to Canada’s “to address the same challenges.”

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