NBA Finals: Surprised, Warriors coach salutes Andrew Wiggins’ gala performance against the Celtics – 06/14/2022

Accustomed to praising Stephen Curry and his post-game exploits, coach Steve Kerr lived through another night after Golden State Warriors beat Boston Celtics 104-94 Monday night for the NBA Finals.

Journalists even asked about Curry and his atypical game, but the main topic of the evening was really Andrew Wiggins. The Canadian winger surprised by scoring 26 points and grabbing 13 rebounds, being the main player in the confrontation.

– He’s been fantastic, not only in this series, but in every playoff. The more experienced players help him understand what we need from him and he used all his athleticism to help us – praised Kerr, highlighting his player moment.

– He is very confident and enjoys the playoffs. He likes the challenge and the competition and he plays a key role in our team, I think it gives him power on the pitch. He knows how much the team needs him.

Steve Kerr himself showed some surprise with Wiggins’ performance against the Celtics, but took the opportunity to reiterate the importance of fitness for players to succeed in the North American league.

– We had no idea he would have a contribution of this level. But I think it serves as a reminder. Circumstances matter to players. You have to find the right place, the right companions. Wiggins is fitting in very well,” he added.

In addition to Andrew Wiggins, the Warriors coach also commented on the night of Stephen Curry, who finished the game with 16 of 7 of 22 shooting points from the field. Even without so much inspiration in the attack, the leader saw his role recognized by the team leader.

– The key to the game for us is defense, and a big part of that is. Boston attacked him the whole time and he held back. About errors in the attack, an hour it would happen. He throws so well, but there comes a time when you have a rough night. But we have a very talented cast that compensated for this – Kerr pointed out.

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