‘No respect at all’


The brother was eliminated with 65.76% of the vote, in Paredão with Arthur Aguiar (21.15%) and Douglas Silva (13.09%)

Photo: Playback/BBB/Gshow
Photo: Playback/BBB/Gshow

It happens, Brazil! yesterday the BBB 22 say goodbye to its last participant! Eliezer was eliminated with 65.76% of voice, in dyke with Arthur Aguiar (21.15%) and Douglas Silva (13.09%). Now the trio of finalists is formed, since Paulo Andre earned his spot after winning more races. Thaddee Schmidtin his speech, adopted a more “dramatic” tone.

“You only saw a piece of it. Sure, it makes you want to go further, but the cake is out of the oven and there’s only one piece for you two. To those who remain, congratulations, finalists! And for what comes out of it, congratulations too! You might not even have a cake, but your napkin isn’t empty, no. Look where you come from! You’re leaving today, Eli”said the presenter.

After your departure, Eli chatted with Rafa Kalimann and did not escape Gustav. His big rival in the game, also known as the “lollipop hunter”, made a brief appearance. Then he appears celebrating with a glass of sparkling wine and surprises the creator: “He doesn’t have the slightest respect for the participant’s moment”kidding.

“Guys, Gustavo is outrageous”joked Rafa. A little after, Eli was asked about “delete” Gustav and admitted that he did not expect the result: “It was a surprise for me. When it was the same setup, for example, I only swapped Scooby with Vini, it was the same with Jessi, so I thought I was going to leave. I think You better explain to me what happened, because to this day I don’t know..

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