PAC Seleções opens tender for the construction of sports spaces

The Ministry of Sports has opened the selection process allowing municipalities, states and the Federal District to present their proposals for the construction of community sports spaces, through the new Growth Acceleration Program (PAC) Seleções. The registration deadline is November 10, according to the posting on Official Journal of the Union this Monday (9).

Investments of BRL 300 million from the general Union budget are planned for the construction of 200 spaces for physical, sporting and leisure activities, intended for all ages and located in areas of social vulnerability. Among the conditions required to carry out the projects is the availability of a plot of land of 3 thousand square meters, to accommodate community facilities, with a synthetic turf football field, a sports field, a walking track and a children’s play area.

To facilitate the presentation of proposals, the Ministry of Sports has made available on the website the instruction manual of the selection process for community sports spaces in the new PAC. In the document it is possible to consult the limit of proposals, which vary from one to five, that each region can submit, depending on the population of the municipalities, states and the Federal District.

Each selected project will have 1.5 million BRL made available by the PAC, but may receive other local resources for complementary investments, such as the construction of changing rooms or regional adaptations, for example. The land development expenses necessary to carry out the work will also be covered by local authorities.

PAC Seleções will give priority to proposals in peripheral territories, with a low human development index (HDI) and which have little availability of sports equipment. Furthermore, the work will be carried out meeting sustainability criteria in the aspects of ecological transition, neo-industrialization and regionalized job creation.

“Let’s see if there are people in the community to do the work you need.” We generate jobs in the community, we generate development in the community, we generate commerce in the community and we circulate money in the community,” highlighted President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva during the launch of the program .

Proposals must be submitted via an electronic query letter on the website., with the presentation of documents proving the requirements set out in the program notice, such as photos, georeferenced map and declaration of ownership of the land; list of educational, health and social sports spaces near the site chosen for construction; and the developer’s commitment to the management, operation and maintenance of the equipment.

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