Portugal will be able to fish 2,296 tonnes of cod alongside Canada – Politics

This figure represents an increase of 92% compared to 2023.

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Cod fishing

Portugal will be able to fish 2,296 tonnes of cod in 2024 in the 3M zone, adjacent to Canada’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ), an increase of 92% compared to 2023, the Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture announced on Saturday. Food.

“This increase is very positive for the Portuguese cod fleet, especially since it follows the increase already seen in 2023, when it was possible to increase the share from 52.5%, helping to strengthen the profitability of this fleet and so that this much appreciated species continues to arrive at our tables through the hands of our fishermen”, declared the Minister of Agriculture, Maria do Céu Antunes, quoted in a press release.

The negotiations took place during the 45th annual meeting of the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO), at the Mar de Vigo Congress Palace, Spain, between Monday and Friday, he said. underlines.

At the national level, the culmination of negotiations focused on the cod stock in the 3M zone, for which the total allowable catch (TAC) was established at 11,708 tonnes, the Ministry of Agriculture said.

“The remaining ‘stocks’ important to Portugal have maintained the same fishing opportunities,” he stressed.

NAFO is a regional fisheries management organization that aims to manage, on a multilateral basis, fisheries resources located on the high seas, in an area adjacent to Canada’s EEZ.

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